Raspberry Jam filled Cupcakes

The first post! I made the adorable cupcakes for one of my mum's jewelry parties. I cheated though, I froze the roses after i made them so I could transfer them easier to the cupcakes.
These are devil food's cake cupcakes filled with raspberry jam.

The roses are decorator's icing from a tub and colored with gel coloring.

I made them on a flower nail with a square of parchment paper on it. 
Then I put the flower and paper on a sheet pan and froze the roses overnight. The day of the party I just frosted the cupcakes and put the roses on them!

You will need:
  ~24 chocolate cupcakes (from box or scratch)
  ~8-16 ounces of washed raspberries (fresh or frozen)
  ~same amount in weight of sugar as raspberries

  ~large saucepan
  ~candy thermometer
  ~jarring equipment
  ~pastry bag or plastic baggie
  ~star tip
  ~a scale

  ~port wine
  ~a blender

To make the raspberry jam:

1. Weigh the raspberries and weigh the same amount or sugar.
2. Put in a large saucepan with a heavy bottom.
3. On high heat, stir the raspberry mixture until boiling.
4. Stop stirring and wait until the mixture gets to 240ºF.
4a. Sterilize 4-6 jars, lids and all.*
5. When the jam reaches 240ºF, pour into the sterilized jars and seal with the lids.
6. Put the jars in a couple of inches of hot water and wait for them to cool overnight.**
7. Your raspberry jam is all done! Enjoy!

*Boil the jars and lids and inner lids for 10 minutes. Them put them on a towel to dry.

**I put the jars in a pyrex dish and pour boiling water into it.

Optional raspberry jam:
     Just blend the raspberries with port wine until smooth. Strain seeds if wanted. Before blending, weigh the container, tare the scale, blend the ingredients, replace on scale, weigh out the same weight in sugar.

To fill cupcakes:
1. Load a pastry bag or baggie fitted with a star tip with the jam.
2. Take a COOLED cupcake and push the star tip into the center of it. Make sure not to poke through the bottom of the cupcake.
3. Pull up and as you do so, squeeze the jam into the cupcake.
4. Make sure not to overfill the cupcakes. If a little jam sticks out, take it off with a spatula.
5. Frost the cupcakes and you're done!

A different way of doing this is to take a sharp paring knife and cut a cone shape from the cupcake, then fill it with the jam. But I think that takes too long. ;)

Here is an extremely bad drawing of what the cupcake would look like if cut in half.